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14-­day tour guided and mediated by Rieki Crins and Anne Marie Schreven

Date: FEBRUARY 28 TO MARCH 13, 2013 

Location: Bhutan

In close collaboration with the Bhutan Chamber of Commerce & Industry and Phuensum Gyalwang Consultancy Firm, the Learning Exchange Foundation and Leading2change invite you to visit Bhutan, to introduce you to investment opportunities that Bhutan offers.

Bhutan is the most interesting place in the world for a frontier market investor. The experience of emerging markets tells us how the vision of the best informed investors has led them to the most interesting and rewarding challenges first in the Far East and now in new markets. The Himalayan kingdom is one of the last remaining enclaves, with a cultural heritage that makes it unique.

Dr. Rieki Crins and Anne Marie Schreven will guide the tour. In this trip you gain an insight into the country, culture and opportunities.

Rieki is a cultural anthropologist, specialized on the Himalaya kingdom of Bhutan. She obtained her PhD in 2008 on Gender and Sustainability in Bhutan. Rieki authored many articles and two books on Bhutan, gives lectures at universities and institutions, and is tour manager and guide for cultural travels to Bhutan, Sikkim and India.

Rieki is now setting up a quality 4-­star hotel and a community hospitality college in the Bumthang Valley in Central Bhutan. In support of this, Rieki founded the Learning Exchange Foundation in 2009.

Anne Marie is founder of Leading2change, Consultant Organisation & Leadership. Her contribution lies in facilitating change through good governance, organisational performance and personal effectiveness. After six years in Bhutan as Senior Advisor Organisational Development in SNV and honorary consul to Bhutan, she now lives in Amsterdam. Anne Marie is board member of the learning Exchange Foundation.

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Investment opportunities

We will be looking at sustainable and impact investment opportunities (among others) in the fields of:


Bhutan is developing a reputation as an exclusive high-­end tourist destination. The green pristine environment, vibrant Buddhist culture and recently the Gross National Happiness development philosophy have begun attracting many tourists. As the number of visitors increase there will be a need to provide additional tourist facilities such as four-­ and five star hotels, convention centres, and other infrastructure.

Medical Tourism

Historically, Bhutan has been known as Menjong -­ the land of medicinal plants, because of the great variety of medicinal plants found in the kingdom. More than 600 medicinal plants have been identified and given the favourable environment and proximity to huge regional markets. The government would like to develop Bhutan as a medical tourism hub as well.


Based on the availability of surplus clean and green electricity at the lowest rates in the region, Bhutan is seeking to develop ICT and data centre related businesses.

Alternative Building Materials

To reduce the dependence on timber for construction, DHI is seeking partners to manufacture alternative building material s in Bhutan.

Mineral Based Industries

With the development of the Mineral Development Policy, there will be opportunities for investments in extraction of minerals and mineral-­based businesses.

Organic Farming

Bhutan is developing and promoting its green and pristine environmental image, and seeks to focus on organic farming and promote it through


Bhutan aims to focus on educational institutes and knowledge-­industries.