The government of Bhutan has  implemented a weekly pedestrian day in the capital.

In effect as of June 5, coinciding with the World Environment Day this year, every Tuesday will be observed as a vehicle-free day in the core downtown Thimphu area.  The ban applies to motorized vehicles, not to bicycles, which will be allowed on these days.

The vehicle-free day is initiated to  minimize environmental impacts of motorized vehicles, reduce traffic congestion, avoid ever-rising fuel prices, and to control the major outflow of Rupee. It is also to encourage healthy living and increased exercise. Five agencies, including the National Environment Commission Secretariat, the Thimphu City Corporation, Road Safety and Transport Authority, Thimphu Traffic Division, and the Bhutan Post, are working together to implement Pedestrians’ Day in Bhutan.

The policy causes problems to a lot of parents  bringing children to school, or transporting the elderly. This is one of the main concerns of the policy, by residents of Thimphu.

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