Dear friends,

I like to share with you the results of the 5 days training we did with 40 young (unemployed) people in Bumthang, Bhutan last December.

Of the 40 young men and women that attended the training, we were capable of helping 20 young men and women into finding a direction in their lives. For example: one young woman was very dedicated to start a travel-agency, (Bhutan has already more than 700 travel agency’s, therefore more are not needed) during the training she realized there is no future to start another travel agency, so instead she started a bakery in Paro. She is selling cakes and bagels! Good luck Yachna!

Others started to work in a construction company, or started a shop, a cafe, or resumed studies. One young man was very dedicated to establish a cooperation for organic produce in the east of Bhutan. Two other participants planned to work with him. One of the participants wanted to start producing organic dairy products and the other participant wanted to establish a poultry farm.

These are great initiatives and Phuesum Gyalwang with the Learning Exchange Foundation will continue to help them and grant guidance as much as we can.

We would like to conduct a follow up training and we need about 7000 euro, we received some donations but it is not sufficient. I would like to ask everyone to contribute 50 Euro or more so we can continue our work.

For the Dutch friends: your donation is tax deductible. This is a great opportunity to improve your karma!

Tashi Delek!

Rieki Crins

Founder and director Learning Exchange Foundation.

Bank account number:  IBAN: NL37 RABO 0154429791

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