Learning Journey to the Land of the Thunder Dragon: Bhutan
20- 27 November 2015

Join us to ride the Thunder Dragon in this Himalaya – country of Gross National Happiness ! From the hustle and bustle of Bangkok ’s airport we fly to Paro, the  international airport of Bhutan.

The difference couldn’t be more striking. We are in a peaceful valley with a mountain stream, birdsong, and dotted with a kind of Swiss chalets where colourfully dressed Bhutanese live. Here our intriguing learning journey starts.
Special guide throughout: Dr. H.C. Crins. Mrs Crins has a PhD in cultural anthropology, specialized on Bhutan. She is exceptionally familiar with the country, having been coming there for nearly for 25 years and has guided groups there for nearly 15 years.

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Image 6©George Lewis

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