Help Kinley

Please meet Kinley


Kinley is one of the best students of the Bongde Institute of Hospitality and Tourism ( our Hotel school) in Bhutan. Kinley has a dream and this dream is to do an internship in The Netherlands, for 3 months in a hotel or restaurant. This experience will broaden her horizon and she can use this experience to improve her skills and which is also beneficial for Bhutan. Her parents are self-subsistent farmers and have no means of helping her financially.

We need USD 1500,– to cover her travel to the Netherlands. I am asking you to sponsor her with a small donation or a big one.

For Dutch citizens, the donation is tax deductible  via Learning Exchange Foundation:

Bank Account:Dutch iban: NL37RABO 0154429791

For Swiss citizens, the donation is tax deductible via Swiss foundation Bhutan Learning Exchange Foundation:

Bank Account: Credit Suisse Verbier
IBAN : CH23 0483 5111 5811 3100 0

Donations via paypal

We are very grateful for your help!!!

Best, the Learning Exchange board and the BIHT team.


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