Dear Friends of the Learning Exchange Foundation.

Here is an important update on our progress in developing a hotel school and hotel in Karen State in Myanmar. This is first step in creating livelihoods for the 200.000 refugees living in the camps for over 50 years.

1. The Karen project is moving forward

2.We identified a 50 rooms hotel in the centre of Myawaddy,very suitable to set up the hotel school.

3. 150 Karen youth from the refugee camps are eagerly waiting to enroll into our school.

4. Jeroen Visser a Dutch hotelier and Rieki Crins ( founder and director of lef) preparing the field in Mae Sot and Karen State for the Hotel school and project related to the hotel school.

5. Myawaddy and Mae Sot are becoming a major hub for trade between Thailand and Myanmar. Thailand is building an international airport in Mae Sot and a 4 lane highway to connect Thailand with Yangon and Dawei a major harbor in Myanmar. A international standard 3 star hotel, restaurant, bakery and hotel school are a valuable addition to the border town Myawaddy.

6. We received a major donation from a friend of the Learning Exchange Foundation. This is an important start for our project.

7. One of the leading 5 star hotel chain in Asia, has shown interest in helping us develop the project.

Sogno Italia donated a professional espresso machine and 50 kilo coffee beans to the hotel school in karen State. Thank you Luca!!


With kind regards,

The board of the learning exchange foundation


Starlight hotel Myawaddy