Last year we handed our hotel school in Bhutan over to the Bhutanese. Now its 100% Bhutanese ownership and management. Adrien, Auke, Nicky and Floris, the hoteliers expats did an amazing job training the local trainers.

I am so proud of what we had achieved with the little resources we had. But was only possible with the amazing support of Mr. Piero Grandi and all the other donors.  We created a lot of opportunity for hundreds and hundreds of Bhutanese youth. A true positive impact project.

Adrien just came back to Bhutan where he spent four days. These are the words of Adrien: “The quality of the Institute and hotel operations went obviously a bit down compared to when we had foreign management but this is normal. It happens in all projects that we hand over to locals. Nonetheless, BIHT remains the best hospitality vocational training centers and all our graduates find jobs easily, mainly in 4-5* hotels.

Tourism is growing in Bhutan. Our reputation continues to rise among the community, the tour operators and the hotels. It is incredible to see the staff shortage in Bhutan. We can provide only 50-100 graduates per year whereas the industry would require thousands.”

Thank you all for your trust and all the support, spiritual as well financial.

I look forward to replicate this model in other countries, simply because it works!!

With kind regard,  Rieki