ANBI Status

The latest donation to the Karen State Hotel School is a professional espresso machine and 50 kilo espresso coffee from Sogno Italia.

Karen State will offer the first true Italian coffee to the guests



We like to thank the following for their support!

  • ASN Foundation
  • RS Group
  • St. Doelwijk
  • Share 4 More
  • St. Caritas Drachten
  • St. Mundo Crostino
  • St. Goede Doelen
  • Mrs. M MacGovern
  • Mr I. Graham
  • Mrs. A. M. Fiattarone
  • Jochnik foundation
  • Urmatt Thailand
  • Buddha Raksha Foundation
  • DT Family Foundation.

Many more helped to make this project possible. Thank you all!



Via Bank Transfer:

Stichting Learning Exchange
Watteaustraat 36
1077 ZM Amsterdam

Rabo Iban :
NL37RABO 0154429791
Contact Rieki Crins


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