ANBI Status

We like to thank the following for their support!

  • ASN Foundation
  • RS Group
  • St. Doelwijk
  • Share 4 More
  • St. Caritas Drachten
  • St. Mundo Crostino
  • St. Goede Doelen
  • Mrs. M MacGovern
  • Mr I. Graham
  • Mrs. A. M. Fiattarone
  • Jochnik foundation
  • Urmatt Thailand
  • Buddha Raksha Foundation
  • DT Family Foundation.

Many more helped to make this project possible. Thank you all!



Via Bank Transfer:

Stichting Learning Exchange
Watteaustraat 36
1077 ZM Amsterdam

Rabo Iban :
NL37RABO 0154429791
Contact Rieki Crins

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