Rieki’s Bhutan

Through the years I met a lot of interesting people, Bhutanese and other nationalities. Here is an impression of my travels and projects:


Paro bridge


Dochu La, a high pass between Thimphu and Punakha


Dochu La


Robert Thurman, Michael Dell ( Yes, from Dell computers) and the Gangte Tulku in central Bhutan


A monk with a Tashi Gompa, a very rare portable temple for good luck,

P1000108 2009-03-06--23 Bhutan 408 P1010092P1010084 P1000110   P1000113  P1000115 P1000116  P1000118  P1000120 P1000121   P1000124 P1000125    P1000129   P1000132       P1000140                P1000156  P1000158 P1000159         P1000168                P1000185 P1000186                  IMG_0471  IMG_0562



2 thoughts on “Rieki’s Bhutan”

  1. M Dell picture in Bhutan is impressive


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