The Learning Exchange Foundation’s ambition is to promote culture and life style of countries and people around the world.  LEF’s aim is to connect people, to help them exchange knowledge and experience and facilitate mutual learning.

The Le Foundation received the ANBI status and donations can be tax deducted.


3 thoughts on “Home”

  1. David Harding said:

    Hello to all. My name is David Harding and would love to learn more about the Foundation. I spent the years 2003-2014 living and working in Bhutan. I am a teacher, writer, reading consultant and soon to be book store operator in Paro Town.
    I would like to know how I can become a member of Learning Exchange. I’m currently in Santa Barbara, California and plan to return to Bhutan in September of this year.
    Tashi Delek!


    • Dear David, we do not have members but I like your support. Our school is in Bongde ( near the airport) Paro valley. Please contact Adrien and Auke there, the two expats teachers, they would love to meet you. I am in Amsterdam now where I live.
      Good luck with your work and when I am in Bhutan next time, lets meet.

      Best, Rieki


      • David Harding said:

        Hi Reiki,
        Yes I’m familiar with the two schools near Bondey. I worked for a time at Shabba and Woochu.
        Do have an email address for Adrien and Auke? I’ll connect with them and we can get a conversation going.

        All the best and keep in touch.


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