Mr. Norbu and the two hoteliers from Switzerland and The Netherlands getting the license to run the hotel school

The Learning Exchange Foundation (LEF), operating in Bhutan since 2009, was formed to promote Bhutanese culture and life style, connect Bhutanese citizens with citizens from other parts of the world to exchange knowledge and experience, and facilitate mutual learning. In 2013, LEF formed a partnership with the Paro-based Bongde Institute for Hospitality and Tourism (BIHT) for the immediate purpose of developing a small boutique, eco-hotel that could showcase best practices associated with an environmentally sustainable, resource-efficient accommodation and restaurant facility while developing employment and entrepreneurial opportunities for the region’s youth.In addition, LEF and BIHT have formed an MOU with Lausanne Smile, a foundation set up by Mrs. Blanc a professor of the Lausanne Hotel School, Switzerlandand to supply expertise and/or instructors and supervise quality operations in the hotel. In addition, the Oxford Brookes School of Hospitality Management (UK) will develop an entrepreneurial readiness program designed to promote sustainable production business and career opportunities within the Tourism-Hospitality-Gastronomy (THG) Sector planned for the future.

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