Bongde Institute for Hospitality and Tourism opens its doors to 40 Bhutanese students, in March 2015.

We need Your help.

What can you do?:

1) Adopt a student for Euros 1000,– for an entire year. This will cover the student lodging, tuition and food.

2) Adopt a computer for Euros 500,– (5 computers)

3) Adopt a class room: Euros 600,– (4 class rooms)

4) Adopt a bunk bed and a cupbord: Euros 400,– ( 20 beds and 20 cupbords)

5) Fund blankets, sheets  and towels for the student beds: Euros 100,–  ( we need 40 sets)

6) Contribute to a professional stove, fridge or kitchen supply: total is Euros 10.000,–

7) For the restaurant, we need tablecloths, glasses, cutlery, and china. Total requirements Euros  5000,–







8) Fund office materials. Budget requirements are Euros 2500,–

Any support you can provide will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

You can tranfere the donation to:

Banknumber: rabo bank Amsterdam:
IBAN: NL37RABO0154429791
t.n.v. Stichting Learning Exchange.

We have ANBI status.

Thank you!

Dr. Rieki Crins,

Founder and director of the learning exchange foundation